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At the present time Jaybob & Team do not upload subtitles to our Torrents nether do we upload subtitles to other websites.
In the mean time we will provide sites to you all that provide Subtitles for Torrents you download. Some may not be compatible with our Torrents but some will. Call it trial and error.
This link will take you to one of Isohunts "Sticky" that will provide you all with links to subtitle websites:

Sticky: List of Subtitle sites
Adding subtitles to avi files
DirectVobSub is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitle. It integrates automatically with any DirectShow player like the Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, The Core Media Player and others.

Download DirectVobSub
Files you’ll need
•VobSub (not to be confused with DirectVobSub)
Step One: Installing Software
Let’s start out by installing the software.

VirtualDub doesn’t have an installer, so it can be unzipped right on your desktop or in another folder of your choice. No special options are required during the Xvid installation either.
During the VobSub installation, please make sure that you’ve selected both “VobSub for VirtualDub” and “TextSub for VirtualDub and AviSynth” under plugins.
You’ll also need to specify the directory where you’ve unzipped VirtualDub

Step Two: Preparation
Start by opening the VirtualDub application – open the VirtualDub.exe file in the unzipped folder – and open your AVI file.
Next, we’re going to be enabling the TextSub filter. Navigate to Video -> Filters -> Add… and locate it in the list.

Select the TextSub filter, and press OK
In the pop-up window, press “Open” and browse to your subtitle file. This file must be in one of the supported subtitle formats (srt, sub, smi, psb, ssa, ass).

When You’re ready, press OK.

Back in the video dropdown menu, make sure you’ve got Full processing mode selected, and go to Compression.
Here you need to select one of the available codecs. Xvid does a great job for a free codec, and that’s the one I used. You can alter some settings, and tweak the quality of the video if you press Customize – however, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’d best leave it be.

Accept everything when you’re done.
Also make sure that the program’s set up to do a Direct stream copy of the audio; this doesn’t need any processing.
Finally, save the video somewhere on your computer, and wait for the process to finish
This can take quite a while and is quite memory extensive, so you might want to leave your computer alone for an hour or two, and do something else for the time being. If you’ve got big files to process, you can run the application at night
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